About Weekaboo!

Megan – Chief Avian Officer
Head of Product Development Team

Weekaboo is a portmanteau of “Whee!” and “Peekaboo!” coined by Megan, the Congo African Grey who runs Marden’s Ark. The domain was originally registered to create a website chronicling the lives and antics of our baby Greys, Marden and Megan, when they were very young.

Unfortunately, life rarely goes exactly as we plan. We lost Marden at the tender age of three, and out of our grief, Marden’s Ark Avian Refuge – a companion bird rescue and sanctuary – was born. Weekaboo! is now our webstore, where we hope to offer products designed to improve your bird’s life. Healthy foods. Safe and engaging toys. A variety of perches. E-books on everything from living with companion birds to healthy food choices. Come join us as this endeavor grows and hopefully will help support our mission — both financially, and by getting affordable quality products into homes where birds can enjoy them. Let’s work together to not just raise the bar, but #GiveTheBarWings for the birds!