Each dollar goes towards the cost of shipping an order of donated food to Bears Etc. Average shipping cost for a box of two 4lb bags shipped to the rescue in Texas runs about $16.00. You can donate any amount – in increments of $1.00. Use the quantity to determine how many dollars you want to add (for example, raising the number ordered to 5 will generate a donation of $5.00 towards shipping costs for Bears Etc orders). THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONTRIBUTION.

DONORS NAMES will be passed along to BEARS ETC so they may thank their donors. If you would LIKE TO HAVE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS SHARED WITH BEARS ETC PLEASE add A COMMENT GIVING US PERMISSION TO SHARE in the NOTE section when ordering! Thank you for your donation and thank you for helping the birds! NOTE: IF YOUR NAME IS DIFFERENT ON YOUR ORDER THAN IT IS ON FACEBOOK – please join our Facebook group ( and let us know that you donated so that Kati can see and thank you, especially if you are not sharing your email address.

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  1. Thanks to the following donors for donating toward the shipping of food to the birds at Bears Etc.:

      Stephanie Wilcinski
      Eunices Barrientos
      Rebecca Jones of Rebecca’s Radiant Bling
      Stephanie Wilcinski
      Amanda Wolfe
      Tanya Myatt
      Chrystal Ford
      Hannah Heagy
      Robert Argent
      Nora Presutti
      Barbara Koehler
      Amelia Moreno
      Theresa Scott

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