DONATION OF Littles Grassland Blend for Bears Etc

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PER POUND DONATION OF LITTLES GRASSLAND BLEND – it will NOT SHIP TO THE DONOR but will be held in stock for future orders for Bears Etc to order them as needed. THANK YOU FOR HELPING BEARS ETC CARE FOR THESE LITTLE BIRDS!



This product is a reduced price product available for donation. THIS CANNOT BE SHIPPED TO A PERSONAL ADDRESS. All pounds of “LGB for Bears Etc” will ship DIRECTLY to Bears Etc. This listing is BY THE POUND – so you can donate one or more pounds. Bears Etc will then be able to order the pounds as needed. It will show as “BACKORDERED” but will be made available to Bears Etc as each new batch is made.

DONORS NAMES will be passed along to BEARS ETC so they may thank their donors. If you would LIKE TO HAVE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS SHARED WITH BEARS ETC PLEASE add A COMMENT GIVING US PERMISSION TO SHARE in the NOTE section when ordering! Thank you for your donation and thank you for helping the birds!
MARDEN’S ARK is bearing the shipping costs for these orders. If you would like to donate towards that shipping cost, you can go HERE:

6 reviews for DONATION OF Littles Grassland Blend for Bears Etc

  1. DeAnna Hicks

    Thank you Michelle Connell for your donation of 2 lbs of LGB for Bears Etc!

  2. DeAnna Hicks

    THANK YOU to Holly Edson for donating a pound of LGB to Bears Etc!

  3. Macee Boggs

    My Parakeet LOVES this food and it helps make his color brighter and make him healthy and happier! Thank you!!

  4. DeAnna Hicks

    Thank you, Rebecca Jones of Rebecca’s Radiant Bling for your donation of a pound of LGB and shipping cost donation to Bears Etc!

  5. DeAnna Hicks

    Thank you Sara DeBarr for your donation of food for Bears Etc!

  6. DeAnna Hicks

    Thank you, Amelia Moreno, for your donations of food for Bears Etc! (Twice!)

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