Littles Grassland Blend – 4 POUND BAG

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A healthy blend of seeds, vegetables, herbs, greens and flowers to entice your little feathered companions!  A four pound bag is great for small flocks if you plan on freezing some, or for slightly larger flocks.

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Our healthy and natural blend of seeds formulated for budgerigars (budgies, aka parakeets). Our blend contains over 27 different ingredients to offer a wide spectrum of nutrients and choices to your little feathered family members!

Ingredients: Canary Seed, * Oat Groats, Hemp Seed, * Sprouted Tri-color Quinoa, * Sprouted Hulled Millet, * Sprouted Buckwheat, * Soft White Winter Wheat, Nyjer Seed, * Fennel Seed, * Cumin, * Nigella Sativa, * Mixed Sesame Seed (black/natural), * Chia Seed, * Flaxseed, * Caraway, * Dill Seed, Dehydrated Seasonal Vegetables, Dehydrated Herbs and Greens, * Milk Thistle Seed, * Anise Seed, * Coriander Seed, * Chamomile, * Calendula Flower, Nut Blend (a proprietary blend of ground almonds, pistachios, walnuts, brazil nuts, pepitas), * Rose Petals, * Raspberry Leaves cut and sifted, * Lavender Flowers

*Denotes an ingredient that was sourced as certified organic.
This product is NOT certified organic but we make every effort to source ingredients that are organic or are non-GMO.


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Weight 4.5 lbs
Dimensions 8.0 × 7.0 × 4.75 in

2 reviews for Littles Grassland Blend – 4 POUND BAG

  1. Lorraine Rivera

    My 2 budgies loves Littles Grasslands Blend. They were on a regular seed before this and I was doing a lot of research trying to find a better seed that’s all natural. I have talked to a lot of great people who lean me over to LGB. I ordered it and I was a little worried that my birds won’t eat it because of being use to the store seed they were eating. My boy is very picky. If he sees a new food he will leave it. When I received the LGB I poured some of it in their feeder bowls and I couldn’t believe my eyes my boy was eating it but slowly picking at it and my girl was loving it. It became their favorite food. I have noticed my birds looked brighter in color after a month. They are way more happier. A healthy diet is very important along with fresh veggies and that’s what I wanted for my birds. I have learned a lot from other budgie owners and I’m glad I did.

  2. 18Feathers (verified owner)

    🤸‍♀️LGB is the best one of out there this blend transforming in every way!!!❗! THIS blend make them more docile to train brighter feather’s healthier chrips and all around a healthier budgie 🐦with no extra nasty additives at all!! I highly recommend as a customer for over a year-and-a-half🦜 and in the end they eat less with a full belly
    of awesomeness.❗ please enjoy the aroma🍃〰️❣SO FEED UR BUDGLETS LGB 🥦🥬🥕🌽🍎🥭

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